Diversity Statement

Our company is committed to the belief that diversity is tantamount to strength and an intrinsic factor in success. We pursue a multiplicity of perspectives, opinions, cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds, abilities, disabilities and experiences, as it provides an exhaustive foundation for educational and professional endeavors. Furthermore, we heed and respect the wealth of differences among our communities.

Company Policy:

1. Identify the situation

2. Gather Information

3. Plan of Action for the work order

4. Verify full system functionality

5. Document findings


I need you to wire and configure the entire network for Midgar.

1. Midgar needs to be wired and configured appropriately based off of the topology.

2. Midgar has this many switches, Routers, etc. They are this model with this IOS. I need this many cables(Crossovers & Straight-Throughs) at this length. I need the right commands for the Command Line Interface, etc, etc.

3. I need to write up a proposal for the Division Manager(DM) with these steps describing my plan of action for a work order before I begin anything. Starting the plan with measuring the cables first, then make them, test them so they work and then connect them. Then I should configure the switches, routers, etc, etc. After I get his dated signature on my Plan of Action it becomes a work order and now I can execute it.

4. Now I need to double check and make sure everything still works.

5. Write up a verification paper, sign it and date it. Return it to the DM.